World-class Restoration,
Repair & Fabrication of the
finest classic sports cars.

Porsche 356 specialist.

Greg Newton Restorations

We might be new to the world-wide web, but by no means are we new to classic car restorations.
We have been restoring some of the worlds finest classic cars since 1990.
Specialising in unique and rare marques for the private collector.
Now offering our Specialised panel fabrication services to the world of Porsche 356.
Handcrafted from a lost era.

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Classic Sports Car restoration with a pinnacle emphasis on quality and longevity.
World-class Metal Fabrication and Repair.
Concours quality Classic Sports Car Refinishing.
Modern workshop with talented vintage period staff.

Our Expertise

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Body Work (Coach building)

Evaluating a body shell to mark out the extent of repair has a number of defining perimeters. Firstly, I would like to clarify that there are two types of bodies, one that has a solid chassis supporting the engine and suspension with a body bolted above, the other type of body is called a monocoque body which is a lightweight design that has integrated chassis rails spot welded or riveted to the body. This is primarily a modern-day design that we see in just about every car on the road today that is not a truck or an off-road vehicle.

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Chrome Restoration

Bright work, body moulds and bumper bars are all essential parts to a classic car restoration. They create stylish profile borders for the glass, lights, wheel arches and profile lines. Their material may consist of stainless steel, brass, cast alloy, mild steel or aluminum. Each material requiring different mechanical and/or chemical treatments to give a lasting luxurious shine.

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Panel Fabrication

The luxury of driving down the road to an automotive dealership and ordering a new panel at the spare parts counter for a car that is up to ten years old, is a luxury unfortunately not always available for a classic car. There are many companies worldwide that have invested a lot of time in money in remanufacturing panels for classic cars of various models.

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